Robert Pattinson
Although he may be one of the world's biggest stars with a slew of assistants ready to wait on him hand and foot, the 27-year-old hunk makes a conscious decision to remain humble and admits he can be insecure about other people's opinions of him.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, he said: "You see other people doing it all the time ... it's so easy to go down that road and become a total d***head. I remember working with this guy once, it was his first movie and we were three weeks in. He was having a conversation with someone and he'd just finished his water bottle and was holding it out, waiting for someone to take it. I thought, 'You've been here three weeks!'

"I guess maybe I'm too sensitive. I don't want people not to like me. I actually find it difficult to ask people to do things for me. If you start bossing people around, they'll just take it because they have to. Then they think, 'OK, you've bossed me around, now I'm going to talk shit about you behind your back.' "

The 'Twilight' star also revealed he was never overly popular in high school and preferred to hang out with a small handful of pals, who he still surrounds himself with today.

He explained: "I never hung out with the 'cool crowd'. My little group of friends, who actually are still my little group of friends, we were artists really. We never got invited to the cool parties and if we did, we just stood in the corner on our own."