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The 24-year-old actor - who is in a relationship with his 'Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart – explained he had grown up believing people can be together for their whole lives, and thinks having to juggle various different women must be “like hell for a man”.

He told Italy’s Vanity Fair magazine: “There is one thing I’ve never understood, why people cheat. My parents met when my mom was 17 and my father 25, they are still together and seem very happy. I grew up believing that you can be together all of your life

“I understand the impulse, but not how you can maintain two relationships for long. And though I understand that cheating can happen to those who have children, because the stress can make people stray, I can’t really understand how someone free of any commitment could possible choose to have four women at the same time. It must be like hell for a man.”

The ‘Water For Elephants’ star recently admitted he has a “romantic soul” and could never have sex with someone he didn’t love.

Robert said: “There is the idea of the saving love, I believe it. I'm not mushy but I have a romantic soul. Having grown up with two older sisters I have a deep respect for women. Sex and feeling for me go hand in hand.

“I'm not interested in casual relationships, I need to know people.”

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