Pattinson and Stewart on the balcony of their hotel in Brazil
Security on the “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”  is being upped by 600 percent after a fan managed to break on to the set in Brazil to visit Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Apparently Summit Entertainment and the powers that be involved in “Twilight” were less than impressed when a diligent and possible crazed fan managed to break into the estate where Pattinson and Stewart were staying. Luckily the only thing this Twihard came armed with was their camera but you can’t be too careful…or can you?

As Perez Hilton said today, we know Robert Pattinson is a national treasure but the Raleigh Studios' Celtic Media Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, may be going a little overboard.

Winston Achee, Celtic’s head of security said “We have increased our number of full-time security personnel from six to twenty-four in the last week. That’s just the beginning of the ramp-up. We’ll be adding two to four more every week…So, we’ll have on property at all times a forty-eight man force. We are not taking security on this property lightly."

She added “I used to run security for Elvis. I’m confident.”

Some other improvement to security include:

-Enhanced vehicle identification requirements
-Unique photo badges to be worn at all times by authorized personnel
-Hiring of veterans of Louisiana police forces and sheriff's departments instead of just security guards.

We love Robert Pattinson and KStew as much as the next person but I really don’t think Twihards are going to try to break through that kind of security to catch a glimpse. Perhaps they’ll just have to pay $25,000 on that charity auction afterall!