Irish “Dancing with the Stars” pro, Tristan MacManus, has said that he is delighted to be dancing with Gladys Knight (68) for the coming season.

The partnerships for season 14 were announced this week and the Wicklow native said he is “buzzing” to be dancing with his “iconic” partner.

“I didn’t know who Nancy was last year but I am a huge music fan, I don’t think there is anyone who says they like music and doesn’t know Gladys Knight.”

“It’s great to get someone from the entertainment industry who has had such an illustrious career and is still going. To be around someone for that many hours a day is such a bonus,” explained the 29-year-old Irishman.
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“I am hoping she just starts singing when she comes out on the rehearsal floor, I sing along a lot when I dance, so I hope she doesn’t critique me,” he said.

As her dancing mentor, MacManus says he will learn as much from Gladys about singing as he can during their stint together.

“It’s great for me because she is a very passionate performer and that’s something you can’t teach people, if she can put that into her performance every week then it will be unbelievable.”