Paul Walker.

Paul Walker, co-star of the mega-hit Fast and the Furious film franchise who died on Saturday in a fiery car crash, was proud of his Irish roots.

Walker, 40 when he died, was interviewed by the Irish website in the spring of this year to promote the sixth F&F film and he said he’d love to visit Ireland for the premiere of the seventh installment which is due next July – or at least it was prior to the tragedy.

“I’d like that,” Walker enthused when asked by the interviewer about a trip to Ireland.  “I’ve never been. I’ve got Irish blood – come on!”

Walker’s paternal grandfather Paul Walker II was a pro boxer who went by the name of Irish Billy Walker. The Walker family also claimed British and German ancestry.

So sad, and no word yet on how the F&F producers will handle Walker’s death going forward. He played the role of law enforcement member Brian O’Conner in five of the six films, which have grossed more than $2 billion worldwide.