Colin Farrell takes a walk on Sandymount Strand in Dublin
Colin Farrell snuck in a week-long trip to his Dublin hometown last week, just before the publicity machine revs up for his big-budget remake of Total Recall which is released next month.

Colin was the guest star at a Q&A at his old National Performing Arts School, reports the Sunday World, and kids peppered him with questions about his career. The school is now co-owned by his brother Eamon.

"The students are on their own individual journeys, whether it's through dance, or singing, or acting. The important thing, and I think they realize it, is that they're all part of telling stories,” he told the paper.

"I don't know what I'm doing half the time so the idea of imparting some grand wisdom from the last 15 years is kind of ridiculous.”

Eamon Farrell remembers that Colin had something special way back when.

"My abiding memory of Col's first class was (acting coach Conal Kearney) coming out and saying, 'He has something special, he's quite unique.’ Now you hear that all the time, but Conal was insistent," Eamon said.
One of the kids in the class asked Colin if he ever paid to watch his own films in a cinema.

“I said, 'Are you mad? I know how s***e they are!,’” Colin joked.

"I admitted to once walking into something, but only because I'd bought a ticket to the screen beside it. It was in New York for one of my first films, American Outlaws."

Colin and his sister Claudine, who also works as his assistant, will be back in Dublin next month for the big European premiere of Total Recall.