Tom Cruise in a scene from "Oblivion"

The 50-year-old actor is always in good spirits, according to his 'Oblivion' co-star Andrea Riseborough, who says the megastar loves joking around with everyone and making sure they are in a good mood.

She told People magazine: "He's a fantastic team leader. Every morning he has a smile on his face and a cup of coffee in his hand raring to go. He has a lightness of spirit and we were always giggling together. It was such a joy."

While he may be laughing and joking between takes, Tom's co-stars say he doesn't hold back when it comes to fight scenes.

Defence Lab's Andy Norman, who was the fight consultant on Tom's recent 'Jack Reacher' film, said: "Tom gets right in there, he'll take the knock and the bruises and he doesn't want us to hold back. He'll still be there at 2am going over fight scenes, he's a total perfectionist."