Tom Brady has admitted to being scared out of his mind after his recent car collision.

Although he continued on to practice after the minor collision he admitted on Boston's WEEI radio station that he was terrified.

He said "I'm telling you, when it happened, I didn't even know what to do, because you're just in shock. I was kind of sitting there in the car, looking around, trying to get my bearings."

Immediately he thought that he'd call his coach and tell them he wouldn't be coming to practice and then he made sure that the passengers in the other car and the woman who had been walking her dog nearby were okay.

He added "That was a scary morning for all of us. Man, wear your seat belts, that's all I can tell everybody, because you just never know."

"The people in the ambulance, the medics, the fire, they were very professional. They were great. Like I said, the older gentleman in the other car definitely needed to be attended to, so that’s what they were focused on with their time and hopefully he's OK."