A week later it seems the rumors are true that NFL star Tom Brady will front the new campaign for men's Ugg boots.

Designed by an Australian company, Ugg boots were first worn by male Oz surfers who would pull on the comfy woolen boots after a days wave crashing.

The original shoe was a uni-sex product but since the worldwide obsession kicked off, we have come to equate them with females only, which leads people to think that men will not be buying the the male version for themselves, but instead their girlfriends and wives might!

“I think there is some level of influence, even if it is subliminal,’’ Brian Boye, fashion director of Men’s Health, told the Boston Globe.

“We also can’t forget that a lot of women buy clothes for men. I don’t think men will run and buy a pair of sheepskin boots if Tom Brady is in the ad, but I think they might be more willing to try it if their wife puts it under the tree.’’

Watch out boys! If there is a giant square box under the Christmas tree this year, it could be a pair of Tom Brady look-a-likes!