After the months of Justin Bieber slagging, Gisele Bundchen rumors and national outcry over Patriot's quarterback long hair-cut it seems that Tom Brady is seeing a hair-transplant guy.

The National Enquirer has reported that the New England Patriots QB has been getting hair-transplants at the request of his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen. It seems that the worlds most highly paid supermodel was worried that Brady might be losing his looks and sent him off to a specialist to get plugs.

"Gisele wants to maintain that perfect-couple image — the handsome quarterback with a head full of hair and the stunning model with her own long flowing locks,” the Enquirer reported.

Brady's car was spotted parked outside the Leonard Hair Transplant Association in Cranston, R.I., on November 9.

According the Enquirer "He spent over an hour consulting with Dr. Leonard before he slipped out the back door and drove off” Dr. Robert Leonard is the same hair specialist who who restored former Boston Bruin Lyndon Byers’mop.

The source said "Tom wants help with his thinning hair and bald spot.”

This isn't the first time Tom's been spotted looking into hair restoration. In 2008, the New York Post reported that Brady was seen checking out another hair specialists clinic before heading to Arizona for Super Bowl XLII .

Back in 2008, Dr Leonard told the Boston Herald that Tom was thinning around the crown and because his father is bald he could inherit the same gene. He said "The apple doesn’t fall far from the proverbial baldness tree.”