Tobey Maguire was ‘snake charmed’ by 'The Great Gatsby'  co-star Carey Mulligan

The pair star together in 'The Great Gatsby' and the actor thinks  she was the perfect choice to play Daisy Buchanan because she is so captivating.

Tobey - who plays Nick Carraway, the story's narrator - said: "You feel like you're in on some sort of secret with her constantly.

"You're the one that she's chosen to be part of a secret club or language. She pulls you in. I remember hearing her voice and I just went, 'That's Daisy.'

"It was like the cartoons with the snake charmer, and the eyes start swirling around. She said four words and I was there; I was snake-charmed."

Tobey isn't the only person to be won over by Carey's natural charm, with her 'Drive' director Nicolas Winding Refn believing it is easy for people to "fall in love" with her, a quality they used to their advantage one evening.

He recalled to America's Vogue magazine: "She's like this petite Bambi, but she is very good at seeing through the illusion of what Hollywood can offer.

"She's very pragmatic when she needs to be. I remember one time we were pulled over by the cops driving home from the set because she drank too many Red Bulls. I thought, Oh, boy: Here we go. But Carey was very charming and apologetic in that English manner, and he let us go. What else can you do but fall in love with her?"