Irish-American famed biker T.J. Lavin is in a medically induced coma after a bad BMX accident on Thursday night.  

Lavin, 33, missed a trick he was trying to perform and fell to the ground head first causing serious injuries. 

Lavin’s accident occurred during the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas.  

He is now in critical condition in a Vegas hospital. 

It is believed that the biker was attempting a move the biking world call a nic nac- where the rider throws one leg over the opposite side of the bike. 

The biker, who has won several X Games medals, "was attempting a nac nac combination over the second set of the dirt course, and failed to get his feet back on the pedals upon landing," ESPN reported.

He lost control and fell off the bike at high speed. 

He has what doctors describe as a small brain bleed. CT scans on Friday morning showed a swelling in the brain but his condition was described as stable. 

Lavin is best known as host of MTV’s Real World/ Road Rules Challenge. 

Lavin has lived his whole life in Las Vegas, Nevada. T.J. Lavin was on the wrestling team in high school. His second favorite sport is motocross. In his free time he spends hours creating new obstacles to ride.

Lavin first began to ride bikes when he was two and raced BMX until he was 15. 

He then gave up racing to try dirt jumping. He eventually turned pro at the age of nineteen. 

He has won almost every competition he has entered including the X Games and the Dew Action Sports Tour. 

In the X-Games he took bronze three times, silver once, and gold three times. 

He has been a DK Dirt Circuit Champ, a champion in the Gravity Games, and a CFB Champion. 

In 1995, he was crowned the "King of Dirt". He has a 1 acre (0.40 ha) BMX track in his backyard which includes several groomed trails and dirt jumps.