The news that Irish actor Liam Neeson is dating again,in this case British businesswoman Freya St. Johnston, has been splashed across all the tabloids and People magazine in the past few days.

We are learning in gory details how the two were spotted in London, how they were holding hands and how he seems like a new man with her.

To which I say -- lay off the guy.

He has just come through the most horrific time of his life when his wife died needlessly in a ski accident.

Any half-competent medical care would have saved her life but Liam has to live with the reality that the mother of his two children is gone forever.

Now after waiting a decent period he is trying to put his life back together again and seems to have met a very fine and accomplished woman, not some Hollywood starlet.

You can see from the above picture just how startled Liam seems at suddenly finding himself back in the Hollywood glare.

Who knows how his new friend will react to the sudden glare of fame, but wouldn't you think,just once, given all that he has been through, the Paparazzi might give him a miss?

Fat chance it seems.