What is the difference between Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter? -- a wedding ring.

While Jeter was celebrated for his bachelor ways bedding every hottie in town Tiger ran into a buzzsaw for essentially the same behavior and ended up in a sex addiction clinic.

Did Jeter have the same disease or is this Tiger stuff a completely phony issue? Does adding a wedding ring make you a sex addict and not having one make it normal behavior if you sleep around?

I'm sure Tiger has problems, but the different way he is treated say to a Derek Jeter is little short of laughable. Both slept around with consenting adults. Period.

All this happens when the media become our moral guardians and decide who is naughty and who is nice.

I'm sure Derek Jeter and his fiancee Minka Kelly are wonderful people -- but let's hold Derek to the same standard if he happens to stray.

Fat chance. Tiger's only problem was he got stupid and got caught. He is no more a sex addict that any other virile, male superstar. Let's get real here.