The Wanted 's Siva Kaneswaran
The Wanted heartthrob was confused when he saw an unlabelled box amongst his belongings in a moving truck - and was even more surprised when he discovered its contents.

He said: "We moved out to different apartments and we had a moving vans going all over London.

"And in my moving van there was an unknown box and in that box was a fan and the fan was in there for about three hours. And so I got out and saw this random box and I opened it up and the box is lined with plastic and there was a girl ... a red faced girl sweating! She stank. She was in there for three hours. She wasn't supposed to smell like roses, was she?"

Despite his surprise, Siva - who is joined in the group by Nathan Sykes, Max George, Jay McGuiness and Tom Parker - wasn't angry with the fan and even posed for a photograph with her.

He told AOL: "I got her out of the box and she asked for a picture. So I gave her a picture and then I sent her on her way. She deserved a picture I think."