The Script drummer and his bandmates Danny O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan have been given three weeks off over the festive period as a reward for constantly touring throughout 2010 and Glen is relishing the thought of being able to do whatever he wants.

He told BANG Showbiz: “I’ll still be at home in Dublin for New Year’s but I actually have no plans at all. Our whole lives are diaries and schedules so it’s nice to have nothing planned.”

However, Glen admits the ‘Nothing’ hitmakers can get restless when they are back in Ireland and are usually raring to get back on the road after a short break.

Glen – who will undertake an arena tour of the UK and Ireland with his bandmates next year – said: “After a week at home, I’ll be itching to get out on tour. It’s happened to us before, we end up texting each other saying, ‘Anyone wanna go on tour?’ It’s because our lives are so fast we’re not used to stopping.

“We always want to get home and chill out and then after a few days we’re raring to go again. I always spend the first week at home going out every night, calling every friend I know and finding a really loud bar.”