A collage of Miley Cyrus' antics at the MTV VMAs and the Smith family reaction
(Photo: topekasnews.com)

The Saturdays singer has defended the 'We Can't Stop' hitmaker for her controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last week, and she insisted the former 'Hannah Montana' star is "free" to be her "own person".

In her blog for Heat magazine, she wrote: "Miley is going down a different road now that she's a grown woman rather than a Disney teenager.

"Personally, I don't see why she shouldn't. She's her own person and she should be free to express herself."

Una, 31, claimed Miley is behaving no differently than the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga and added while she can accept why the performance had its critics, she was a big fan.

She said: "Madonna was always controversial with her outfits and performances and of course Lady Gaga has shocked people in the past.

"I can see how it might offend some people but personally I really enjoyed it."

However, fans shouldn't expect similar antics from the 'What About Us' star after she revealed her favourite part of a night out is "getting ready" with the girls.

She continued: "That's often the best part of the night, the getting ready with your friends, trying on different outfits, doing your hair and makeup and catching up with everyone."