Saturday's singer Una Healy

The Saturdays singer's life has changed for the better since giving birth to daughter Aoife Belle 12 months ago and says it has strengthened her bond with her rugby ace husband Ben Foden.

She explained: "It's so much better than before. She gives me a massive reason to live. I'm a mother now and everything I do is for her - your priorities change so much. Watching a creation that me and Ben made together grow is lovely.

"And I love the bond you have with other mothers. You walk into a lift and there'll be another baby there and you start conversation with other mums."

The 31-year-old redhead admits putting on weight wasn't a problem because she kept fit by performing with the band throughout her pregnancy, and the svelte star hasn't even had to workout once since the birth.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: "I didn't put on a lot because I was very fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy. I was dancing on tour at six months pregnant. I put on two stone and lost most of it by the time I got home.

"For the first few weeks you don't step outside the house because you're drained. It's constant at the beginning and I lost a lot rapidly without dieting, just from being tired and busy.

"Sometimes people might say, you could do with putting on a few pounds, but I'm not dieting. This is me. I've always been slim since I was a swimmer as a child."