Ronnie Woods wants to jam with Irish musician Niall Horan

The Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood has taken the One Direction singer Niall Horan under his wing and promised to give the Irish hunk a one-on-one guitar lesson to mark his 20th birthday, which he celebrated last Friday.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Niall was made up. He got the email from Ronnie while in Australia. Ronnie told him next time they're both in the same country they'll jam - and he has promised to improve Niall's guitar skills."

The pair first met backstage at a Rolling Stones concert last year and Ronnie has often been vocal about his support for the band, even showing up to support the boys at the London premiere of their 3D movie 'One Direction: This Is Us' in August.

The 66-year-old rocker has taken on a mentoring role with the British band and has especially taken a shine towards Niall, who is the most musically gifted out of the pop heartthrobs.

The 'Best Song Ever' hit maker recently said: "He told us to enjoy the ride and have fun as you never know how long it will last."