Is Glenn Beck trying to stop the fall in audience ratings and advertising support by creating a new and improved image?

Say something like a version of Bill O'Reilly?

Certainly his appearance on Bill O'Reilly when he refused to condemn gay marriage is an important signal that a new Glenn Beck is about to emerge from his shell.

His new, more mainstream stance is driven by the severe plunge in advertising and ratings, dating back to May.

Calling Obama a racist was a low point and one that has come back to haunt him with advertisers fleeing.

Now he is slowly reinventing himself, and no prizes for guessing who he is seeking to emulate.

Bill O'Reilly that's who.

O'Reilly has a clear right wing point of view but rarely personally offends.

He is a libertarian on many issues and believes in live and let live.

He lacks the poison that filters through some of Beck's commentaries.

Beck is learning the hard way that Bill is the real pro when it comes to doing the business -- and keeping it.

Bill O'Beck should be a fascinating hybrid--one that might drive ratings.