Carey Mulligan

The 27-year-old actress has no fears about being mobbed by fans in the street as it is in fact her husband Marcus Mumford - frontman of band Mumford & Sons - who receives the most attention when they venture out together, with his fans usually ignoring her.

She told LOOK magazine: "I'm not worried about being a household name. I never get recognised. My husband is recognised all the time. His fans barely look at me."

However, Carey's role as Daisy Buchanan in the big-screen adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby' could increase her public profile.

The British star insists she has little in common with her alter ego - especially in the area of romance - she feels she can relate to the troubled character.

She added: "There are few similarities between [myself and Daisy]. She's much more feminine. She's much more groomed and she's a little directionless. I think I have a little more direction!

"She has shallow characteristics, but she also has a depth of feeling and conviction ... I think she's imprisoned - she's stuck in a marriage for money.

"Women weren't as liberated back then as they are now, but I think the fact she's stuck in a loveless marriage is relatable. People still get trapped in loveless marriages. [Some women] certainly marry for the wrong reasons."