Niall Horan

Breaking news!! Yes, really. The cute blondie haired One Direction boy from Mullingar is a fraud!

Niall Horan has a admitted that he’s naturally a brunette. Speaking on “The Chrissie & Jane Show”, an Australian chat show, Horan admitted he’s been bleaching his hair for a long time. But he admitted he’s getting sick of his hair care routine.

It could be that Horan is trying to get away from the blonde haired, blue eyed innocent young lad.

So does this mean he’s going to go back to his natural blonde.

He said “I'm trying to get rid of the blonde hair…because I've been doing blonde since I was about 12, so I'm actually sick of it now.”

So what do we think? Is it time for the blonde cutie to shed his blond locks and go brunette like the rest of the band?

Here’s a fan video of the blondie boy: