The corny but classic seventies TV series The Brady Bunch is still going strong in re-runs, thank goodness, and look how much the young’uns have grown!

Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen, who played the youngest Brady kids, Bobby and Cindy, jetted into Ireland last week.  The former child stars were appearing at the Newbridge Silverware visitor center last Friday to promote a Brady Bunch costume exhibition, which is taking place there all week.

The original costumes worn by Bobby and Cindy and their four siblings, and Carol and Mike and the housekeeper Alice, will then be offered for auction next month.

Though The Brady Bunch never made it quite as big in Ireland as it did here, the show’s wholesome appeal traveled over the water pretty much intact.

Olsen and Lookinland were making their first visits to Ireland, though series star Robert Reed brought the whole pack to England back in 1971, Olsen recalled.