1. You're Irish -- enough said.

2. It is on at 7.a.m.

3.Frosty Queen and Prince Philip nattering on about how wonderful it is --remember how they treated Diana.

4. US anchors gushing over royal couple and forgetting we are an independent republic.

5. Because it is not really a fairy tale --last three big royal weddings Diana, Anne, Andrew ended in divorce.

6. Because it isn't really meaningful -- no power other than opening every charity fete from here to Kingdom come.

7. Billions in cost to beleaguered British taxpayer.

8. Flood nonsense written after wedding about greatest day ever in history of civilization.

9. 'B' list celebrities, English style, worse than their American equivalents.

10. So much ado about nothing as Shakespeare might have said -- now there is a great Englishman.