In over three minutes of banter between Piers Morgan and Christine O’Donnell over the content of their interview, these esteemed figures, at some point, gave up on their political talk and got down to business. They manage used the word “rude” a total of seven times, each one contesting the other with what they believe to be appropriate interview content.

O’Donnell, a former Republican candidate for the US senate with a reputation for eccentricity after the admitting a past involvement with witchcraft, was supposed to be interviewed to promote her new book, “Troublemaker.” Thus, it seemed as though Morgan was under the impression that he could ask her anything from the book. O’Donnell, on the other hand, had other topics in mind.

"You're borderline being a little bit rude," she said, to which Morgan interrupted with, "really?!" after he pressed her about her stance on gay marriage.

Stating her point clearly with "I obviously want to talk about the issues which I choose to talk about in the book," Morgan took that as an opportunity to point out that gay marriage was indeed a topic that she wrote about.
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"Do you talk about gay marriage in the book?"

"What relevance is there right now?"

"It's obviously a highly contentious political issue; I'm just curious what your view is, you keep saying 'in the book,' so I'm bemused as to why you wouldn't just say it in an interview."

This banter went on back and forth; O’Donnell claiming that it wasn’t a relevant topic for the interview considering it wasn’t “a topic that I choose to embrace,” and Morgan essentially toning down the political talk and firing back with "But why are you being so weird about this?" and "I'm just asking you questions based on your own public statements and now what you've written in your own book! It's hardly rude to ask you that, surely."

The interview ended with O’Donnell claiming she was “being pulled away,” citing a need to head off to the Republican Women's Club on time. On a parting note, she restated that she came on the show to talk about the issues in her book, and only those.

After a bit of confusion as to whether or not the interview was still running that was resolved when a stage member said “he’s still there,” Morgan ended with: "I had the audacity to asked questions based on stuff that's in this book."

This was Morgan’s first “walk-out” in 25 years on the show, a startling fact that many people picked up on. NY Times reporter Don Van Natta Jr tweeted: “Christine O’Donnell is the first author in the history of publishing to walk out of a TV interview because the host apparently read her book.”