Taylor Lautner
The hunky actor - who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the 'Twilight Saga'franchise - revealed the best thing about being a part of the movie series was getting to know Kristen (Bella Swan) and Robert (Edward Cullen) and says the three of them will always remain close.

He told Hollywoodlie.com: "My parting gifts were our friendships, lifelong friendships. We all get along great. We're definitely going to continue spending time together. Whether we're promoting these movies or whatever.

"There were tears on the last days, from everyone. I was the one who predicted it was actually going to be emotional on the last day."

Taylor has previously revealed he had mixed emotions about the end of the franchise.
He said: "I think it's mixed emotions, for sure.

"Half of me says, 'This is a relief. I get some time off, I get to spend some time with family and friends and do other things,' but the other half says, 'This is so weird.' I've been filming with these people for years, so it's definitely a bummer."