Child film star Tatum O'Neal has stated that she has repaired her relationship with her father Ryan but she feels he is stuck in a time warp when it comes to relationships.

Speaking to O'Neal described her relationship with her Dad

"It's good but again I'm always trying to make sure he doesn't cross boundaries. He seems to have no boundaries with conversations with me, or trying to get me to do stuff. It has to do with him thinking I'm 10 and he can do whatever he wants.
.... I mean he's the only long term movie star I've been around -- I think he only thinks of himself as a movie star. He couldn't figure out I had to go to school and the responsibility to take care of me. It didn't register at all.

She said her father could not cope with her as she grew up, especially as he began his relationship with Farrah Fawcett Majors.

". Factoring before Farrah, which nobody really knows, I was turning into a woman before he met Farrah and things were going to shit, I mean they were really turning badly so he found an escape with Farrah and he took it and that's fine and we (her and brother Griffin) made it the best way we could.

But it was absolutely his inability to deal with me as a young woman and to hear me and to accept me and it was a very difficult time for me. He was my primary parent and I hadn't anyone else in my life. The people I did have hurt me a lot so when I got to him I was very dependent on him.

O'Neal. who was married to tennis star John McEnroe lost control of her kids after she was arrested for crack cocaine which she says scared her straight.

Now she says she feels so much better and has rebuilt her life with them.

"My relationship with my kids has always been amazing. It was just the times when I was using drugs. It was just very, very painful and there was a lot of disruption but it couldn't be better. My son Kevin hosted a book party dinner for me last year.

He's a novelist and my son Sean lives with me in L.A. and my daughter Emily is in college in San Francisco."