Who knew? Today is Sweetest Day started by Irish American Herbie Kingston in Cleveland back in 1821.

Herbie felt we all needed a little candy lift in our lives and began the day that has now become more and more popular nationwide.

Boxes of candy were delivered to needy children, orphanages, churches and to beloved ones.

Herbie hoped lots of other states would follow suit but it hasn't really taken off--yet.

It seems like such a sweet idea I'm surprised it hasn't caught on on a much wider scale.

This year it seems the web is getting swept up in "Sweetest Day"

The web sites are humming with news of this obscure but suddenly popular holiday.

Just the excuse Amy needs, in the absence of a signifiant other, to give her her daily candy.

I'm on my way down to my local store to order some Toblerone.

It's out on its' own.