Now that one of their own has hit international stardom, West Lothian in Scotland feels it's time Susan Boyle showed them some love.

Subo got her start in West Lothian and still has a house there.

She visits it quiet frequently.

And now the town are hoping that SuBo will help put them on the map.

Tourism bosses plan to turn SuBo into an "ambassador" for the area as part of a new campaign to promote its "hidden gems".

West Lothian, currently described as a place where "people drive through to get to somewhere else", hopes SuBo will make their town a gem worth visiting.

Anna Lightbody, tourism executive at the organisation, said officials had made contact with Boyle's management.

She said: "It's such a massive opportunity for us. We know that she cares about her local community and we're just hoping it's something she agrees to do.

"Her rise to fame has put West Lothian on the map. It would be crazy not to try and tap into that."

Lightbody said the aim was to create a new website to change people's perceptions of the area.

"It's about changing that mindset that it's just about industry. Often West Lothian is just a place you would drive through to get somewhere else, but everyone that comes here is pleasantly surprised," she said.

Launching the campaign, West Lothian Provost Tom Kerr said: "West Lothian is one of Scotland's hidden gems.

"This area is ideal for family outings, with some of the best parks in the country and a broad range of attractions and exciting events on offer every year.

"We are also home to some of the most beautiful and significant historical sites in the country."