Susan Boyle dreamed a dream and yesterday it all came true.

The Scottish songstress, a devout Catholic, thrilled 65,000 mass attendees in Edinburgh with one very special guest standing out.

Pope Benedict XVI was said to have been thrilled that Susan agreed to sing her signature song "I Dreamed a Dream."

Not half as thrilled as Susan however, who pronounced the day "one of the happiest in my life."and said her dream 'had come true at last ."

It was hard to blame her.

Here was the former unemployed woman with learning disabilities, down on her luck, performing before the pope himself.

It is the stuff dreams are made of and Susan Boyle lived that dream yesterday.

Though a little nervous at first, she really blasted out her theme sing with great confidence and vigor and got a massive reception from the crowd.

While her commercial success and world-wide millions of fans must thrill her to bits, singing for the Scottish people had to be truly special too.

It was no more than Susan deserved, given her tough path in life and her hard climb to the top.

Even at the top it has not always been easy for the young woman with the golden voice.

But yesterday it must have all seemed worthwhile.

Well done Susan.