Susan Boyle's birthday is on April Fool's day but the joke is on all her detractors.

The $8 million check she will receive from royalties will certainly make her rivals green with envy and let's check on where their amazing careers have gone since.

Amanda Holden:Who? Did a nasty skit on Susan on British television.She's currently judging something called the 'Dress Jeeves' competition in Britain and desperately trying to stay in the limelight by dishing on Simon Cowell's love life. Whatever happened to her glam new career in America?

Sharon Osbourne: She's even more desperate for headlines and attacked Susan's looks. Her latest Google story has her defending Sandra Bullock in her marriage breakup with Jesse James. Can this woman ever mind her own business?

Lilly Allen: Who? Oh yes washed up British singer who called Subo over rated. Her latest Google headline is a cat fight with Courtney Love at some minor British awards

Diversity Dance group: Remember them? -- they defeated Susan Boyle --so obscure now that there is not even a contemporary news reference to them on Google.

There you have it -- the message is cross Susan at your peril. The stars will align against you!