John Boyle, 59, has expressed fears that his sister could be murdered at the hands of a crazy stalker.

Susan Boyle, runner up in last years 'Britain's Got Talent' confronted a crazed fan who broke into her home in Scotland a few days ago.

Boyle, 48, has just arrived back from recording a charity single for Haiti, when she was confronted by an intruder in her home.

John said he is extremely "upset" at the lack of security given to his sister and said he is very worried that she may suffer the same fate as John Lennon did in 1980. Lennon was shot dead outside his home in Manhattan by a crazy stalker, Mark Chapman, now 54. Chapman is in jail and trying to make parole.

“I am very upset about the lack of security. Her management company are too busy counting the money Susan has made them to consider her safety,” the Telegraph quoted him as telling The Sun.

“The family have told them several times that vast improvements need to be made to avoid something like this happening.

“This it the second time something has happened to Susan at her home and it is extremely worrying.

“Susan is a massive world star and needs better protection. You look at what happened to John Lennon in New York - it’s really worrying,” he added.

While the singer said she was “terrified” something bad would happen, she vowed that she wouldn’t let it make her change her life.

“I’m not going anywhere - nobody’s pushing me out of my house,” she said.

“I’m absolutely fine but it was very concerning for everyone. I think he got more of a scare than I did because he ran off. The matter is in hand. The police have been excellent,” she added.

This is the second stalking incident in a few weeks. Two strangers were caught peeking through Boyle's back window over Christmas.