The 51-year-old singer was on the way back to her fourth-floor suite after performing in her musical ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ in Liverpool, when she spotted a group of fans by the lift and decided to take the stairs to avoid them – only to then be chased by a crazed male fan.

A source said: “Some fans waited for her in the lift but Susan spotted them and took the stairs. Her room was on the fourth floor so it was a fair walk.

"This man realized she was taking the stairs so he followed her. He made a dash for her door, saying he wanted her autograph, but she managed to get into the room safe and sound.

“It was really scary for her. To follow someone up the stairs for four floors is a bit creepy. She was terrified and shaken.”

The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ star was still reeling from an incident earlier in the month when her former gardener allegedly went to her home and demanded money, forcing her to call police.

Talking to the Daily Mirror, the insider continued: “The attention she was getting from fans was a bit much, especially given what happened at her home recently.

“The last thing she needed was someone trying to get into her room.

“She loves performing but sometimes the reaction of fans is really intense.

“Her nerves were already frayed and she shouldn’t have to worry about people hounding her at her hotel.

A spokesman declined to comment about the hotel scare.