SuBo took time out from her hectic touring schedule in March sing "Amazing Grace" at the funeral of her good friend Molly Burnett.

Subo moved mourners to tears with her rendition of the song.

Molly, a grandmother of 84, met SuBo through her daughter Yvie, a vocal coach on TV's "Britain's Got Talent."

Their relationship was always caring and honest, said a friend close to both of them.

When SuBo arrived at the Church to sing for her friend's soul, churchgoers were stunned yet elated that she took time out of her crazy life to do this.

It touched their hearts.

Molly had no interest in celebrities but was very fond of Susan.

Molly's sister Agnes Lamb said: "We were so grateful she took the time."

In other news we are sure that Susan is out shopping today, dipping into some of her $6million royalty check she received on April 1 - her 49th birthday.