Is Susan Boyle losing the plot again?

She was caught ranting at her niece in public recently, and fans are concerned that she is heading back toward a breakdown.

SuBo, 49, was in London's Heathrow airport - terminal three- waiting for her baggage to come off a flight from Tokyo when she just started giving out to her niece and personal assistant, Joanne Crawford.

It is believed that Boyle was awaiting a private jet to take her from London to her hometown in Scotland.

It was when she was told by airport officials that her flight was delayed by two hours that she started using foul language and got frustrated.

She was heard saying, "I just want to f****** get home."

She then called her niece a "bitch."

A little row ensued, where a lot of angry words were exchanged between the relations.

A spokesman for SuBo said her comments were regretful but she was extremely "tired and emotional" after flying in from a performance in Tokyo.

He described the incident as "minor" and said "Susan is now absolutely fine."