I know it's a little bit early but the music industry is already placing some heavy bets.

They are saying that SuBo's next album will reach the number one spot in the British charts this coming Christmas.

And this is why they think so!

Amazon has already received over two million advance requests for SuBo's second album.

Amazon set up an online page where fans could register their interest in SuBo's follow-up debut album from "I Dreamed A Dream."

Even though SuBo has yet to begin work on the second album, the music industry is speculating that when it's released it will shoot right to number one in the album charts just in time for Christmas.

The album is due to be released in December.

'We haven't seen this before. It's seven months ahead of the release and already people are putting in requests for pre-sales. It's an incredible achievement already,' The Mirror reports.

'I'm hoping to make it better and a bit extra special,' Boyle has said of her second album.