Susan Boyle, the Scottish singing sensation, would like to leave the mourners laughing by having 'Nellie The Elephant' sung at her funeral as one of her farewell songs.

The star doesn't see any reason why her memorial should be a morbid affair, and so she has playfully requested the organizers blast out the fun track, about a globe-trotting circus elephant, to make her loved-ones smile.

Boyle revealed this week that she got the idea from the funeral British comic Peter Sellers, who asked for the Glen Miller big band number 'In The Mood' to play at his funeral, even though he actually hated the song.

In an interview with U.K. magazine Radio Times this week Boyle says, "You've got to leave them laughing.

"It would have to be 'Nellie The Elephant'. She packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus. Funerals don't have to be sad, Peter Sellers made me smile with 'In The Mood,' so I could do it with 'Nellie The Elephant.'"