Isn't it high time that Susan Boyle's brother Gerry Boyle stepped out of her life?

Since she hit the big time Gerry has been an ever present in the media, acting like a Greek chorus, criticizing Susan herself at times and then all those around her.

Now he seems to have carried this too far by warning prospective boyfriends that the family will be vetting them.

Last time I looked Gerry, Susan was 49-years-old and well capable of looking after herself on romantic issues.

Gerry said to an Australian magazine that any love interests will be thoroughly checked by her family.

He said: 'Our family is very protective of Susan. Anyone coming into a circle from a romantic angle would have to go through the wringer. She becomes attached very easily to people so she has to be careful.

'I think there has to be a bit of reality in her life. I think the world realises she is fragile. She's desperately keen to be loved.'

Gerry, stop being so condescending to your sister and get over the fact that she, not you, is the superstar,

Go get a life somewhere that will take your mind off your sister and her career for a while.

She is doing great without you by the way

Susan tell him to shut up for once and for all.