Although not splurging too much, Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle has moved into a modest $450,000 five bedroom home in West Lothian, the same area she grew up in.

Boyle, 48, moved into her new home last week and spent considerable time meeting friendly neighbors.

On Sunday two friendly neighbors welcome SuBo into the area and promised to keep an eye out for her.

SuBo's brother was speaking out of sorts about his sister last week claiming that she couldn't afford to meet her mortgage payments in her new pad.

Gerry Boyle, 55, sang to the media that his famous sister only received an allowance of £500 a week and shops in Tesco (equivalent to Wall Mart) for her clothes and that she still takes the bus.

Boyle said that although she received more than $14 million in royalties from her debut album I Dreamed a Dream, his sister is living a basic life.

Boyle may dream big but for now she will have to do with a five-bedroom home. How bad!