Susan Boyle has spoke out about the thief who robbed her home for the first time saying: “I feel sorry for him.”

The Scotttish singer admitted she was scared “half to death” when she walked in on the robber in her home.

But her experience has made her thankful for all she has.

“It’s a shame that people get that desperate in life. It makes you realise just how fortunate you are,” she said.

The world famous artist caught 17-year-old Scott Millar redhanded, when she arrived home to West Lothian after recording a charity single.

Susan said: “It was such a shame to find I’d been burgled but, apart from shaking me up a bit, nothing personal had been taken.”

Despite being worth millions the teenager only managed to steal a lousy £9 after searching through a pair of Boyle’s trousers.