SUSAN Boyle's family is furious that her Australian tour has been canceled without their knowledge.

Her brother Gerry Boyle, pictured on right, spoke out yesterday after the shock announcement.

"Certain things have come to light. We are very, very concerned and very, very angry with the way she is being treated."

Asked what was behind the Australian cancellation Boyle said he had been told "absolutely nothing at all".

"The management who controls, and you notice I use the word control, has kept her family away from her. It's not an ideal situation."

His latest outburst comes after a series of article pitting his management team against family members.

Both sides say they are doing their best for Susan who had learning disabilities as a child.

However with the money now pouring in it is becoming increasingly tense as the two sides square off.

In the center of it all is Susan whose Australian fans are bitterly disappointed that she will not be flying Down Under to take part in her tour there.

Unless there is a resolution soon some see court action by the family as the next step.