Though Susan Boyle has never said she was an oil painting, she did compare herself to one when looking back at days before she hit the big time.

Commenting on her appearance in the period leading up to her breakout performance in “Britain’s Got Talent," she said:

“Oh for goodness sake! I used to look like Whistler’s Mother!”

Subo is referring to the ‘Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist’s mother” painting by James Whistler:

Now, before we start worrying unnecessarily about Subo self esteems issues, the 49-year-old then countered:

”I do scrub up well. Once I’ve got the false teeth in and the hair, you know I’m fine.”

And that is why the world loves Susan Boyle. Not afraid to poke fun at herself, honest and comfortable in her own skin. In other words, a real person.

What a refreshing change! Go Subo!