Suri Cruise broke down in tears on a visit to a pet shop when her mum refused to buy her a puppy

Although Suri Cruise fell for a Yorkshire terrier- Maltese mix puppy on Saturday at Citipup, mom Katie Holmes needed more convincing, photos from WireImage show.

Though Holmes won primary custody of the child only a few days ago, she isn’t overly spoiling her daughter. She exercised the power of the maternal ‘no’ with regard to the puppy, and so adorable child left adorable puppy behind.

Suri didn’t take the loss of the puppy lightly, pouting and frowning while still in the store. She proceeded to throw a tantrum in the backseat of the car as a bodyguard drove the mother-daughter pair away.

Tears and head-tossing evidenced the six-year-old’s distress, apparently over the denial of the puppy.

But Suri may have to toughen up come September, when she attends school for the first time.

Holmes has enrolled her daughter in Manhattan’s Convent of the Sacred Heart school, Lady Gaga’s all-girls alma mater, IrishCentral previously reported.