Brooke Shields

The 'Suddenly Susan' actress is rumoured to be taking a spot on 'The View' and says a change in attitude about the format has allowed her to consider a role on it.

She told Hamptons magazine: "I used to shy away, because I thought it would be saying that I was giving up on being an actress.

"I think I was intimidated by it because I don't enjoy confrontation. I've always been afraid I don't have an opinion or I'm nervous about offending somebody. Then I realised I'm perfectly comfortable offending people."

Brooke has been linked with a spot on US morning chat show 'The View'  after current host Joy Behar recently she was leaving after 16 seasons.

Barbara Walters, who is at the helm of the series, reportedly thinks Brooke, 47, would be a great addition and is eager for her to take over on the show.

Sources said Barbara really wants her because the actress has two children, is a Princeton graduate and "very articulate" but also has great connections in Hollywood.

However, Brooke - who has guest hosted the show - has said no formal offer has been made to her.

She said: "I've hosted recently and they keep asking me back to host. There's been no formal offer. It's really been a rumour. They haven't asked."