Sir Paul McCartney
The former couple were introduced by the talk show host at a charity event in 1999 and fashion designer Stella McCartney is still unhappy about the union, which ended in a bitter and expensive divorce for her father in 2008.

Piers joked to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Whenever I see Stella, she prods me in the ribs and says: 'Dad is really grateful you cost him £50million... thanks for that!'

"I'm sure Stella's thrilled, too, because it's her inheritance."

Despite Piers' claims, a London judge awarded Heather £24.3 million, plus payments of £35,000 per annum for a nanny and school costs for Beatrice, eight, her daughter with Paul.

Paul has since married heiress Nancy Shevell last year, and Piers said they are made for each other.

He added: "It's great to see him looking so happy with his new wife Nancy.

"She clearly really loves him, loves his music and doesn't try and steal his thunder."

Meanwhile, Piers admitted another of his showbiz pals, British funnyman Ricky Gervais makes him drink before they appear on TV together and while he enjoys hanging out with the comic, their meetings affect his professionalism as he always struggles to retain his composure.

Piers said: "Ricky's hilarious and a good mate. He always likes to have a pint of Fosters before he comes on, and he makes me have one, too.

"I nearly corpsed live on air because he was making me laugh so much!"