Sir Paul McCartney 
The Beatles legend reaches the milestone age next Monday but insists he doesn't want a big party and will instead mark the occasion with his closest friends, family, and wife Nancy Shevell.

He said: "A big do isn't really me."

And though he is close to 70, the 'When I'm 64' hitmaker insists he has no plans to tone down his career, though he and Nancy find some potential visions for his showbiz future quite funny.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I must say Nancy and I did have some fun moments imagining me with a little pinky ring, in rhinestone, with a little glass of whisky and soda, sitting on a high stool on stage next to the piano doing six months in Las Vegas.

"It's nice to think about that for a second. And then completely rule it out."

Paul described his recent album, 'Kisses on the Bottom' - which featured covers of old songs - as a "romantic" gesture for Nancy, who he married last October.

He said: "It was a romantic gesture. The timing was good, marrying Nancy, it was a special period in my life."