Former American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnus has said she thinks she would have fared better in the competition had Aerosmith front man Steve Tyler been a judge.

“Maybe I’m biased because he’s from here, but he’s such a legend and I’m glad to see someone on the panel who has so much experience being a live performer. Steven Tyler’s a front man and being a front man is what ‘Idol’ is all about. So I think he’s going to be really cool,’’ Siobhan told the Track.

Tyler is due to appear as a judge in the upcoming season of American Idol alongside Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

Siobhan, just returned back to Cape Cod after months on the road for the American Idol tour. She is not sad to see Simon Cowell depart from the judging panel after he said she sounded like she was “giving birth” during one of her performances.

“A lot of times it was frustrating for me because his criticism wasn’t constructive. Whether Simon attacked Tim for his smile, or Katie for being too young or said stuff about my clothes, it was hard for all of us and that kind of criticism didn’t really help me improve my singing,” the former Idol contestant said.

The American Idol runner up is keeping busy now with her band Lunar Valve. She is also pursuing a possible role in a Broadway show and is also writing a children's book. She admitted she is really looking forward to the Halloween festivities.

“Im really looking forward to Halloween. I’ve been preparing for it all month,” she said.