She's the one the judges cannot kill.Despite devastating reviews in recent weeks, especially from Simon Cowell, Siobhan Magnus keeps on winning over the great American 'Idol' voter out there and it is obvious why.

The Irish American from Cape Cod is a rare jewel this year, the one contestant who has a spark of creativity both in looks and choice of material amid a sea of cookie cutter candidates.

She's not blond and soulful, neither is she dark and utterly predictable. She's afree spirit on a show that has been lambasted by the critics for its one size fits all candidates this year.

Let's face it who is likely to surprise in the next few weeks? Crystal Bowersox? Don't think so. Great voice and all that but there is a conveyor belt full of similar singers right behind her.

The men are uniformly boring as well and it is only Siobhan who has that rare spark that has made 'Idol' winners memorable.

That is what the voters but not the judging panel are picking up. Watch Simon go into an even deeper sulk because he is unable to rid the show of Siobhan in the next few weeks. That would be worth the price of admission anyway.
So go for it Siobhan! The prize can truly be yours.