Siobhan Magnus has stayed in for the next round of "American Idol" despite being roundly blasted for her version of "Through the Fire" for the R&B week.
Judge Simon Cowell accused her of manslaughter last night which was a bit rough while several bloggers have nicknamed her "Screech Magnus" for her rendition.
Mind you, I don't know how judge Simon Cowell could criticize Siobhan and then hug the newly-named Diddy-Dirty Money for his brutal ditty.
Diddy's ditty "Hello Good Morning" was one of the worst things Amy's ever seen or heard on the show.
Diddy/whatever was caught out in the final seconds of the song when it was obvious he was lip-synching.
It's hard to make out what he's doing - dancing and pretending to sing on a show that's supposedly dedicated to real hopefuls.
At least one thing's for sure.
Screech Magnus ain't faking!
That girl is really hitting the notes - whether or not that grumpy old Brit likes it or not!