Siobhan Magnus who sang her own version of “Suspicious Minds” this week was told by “American Idol” host, Ryan Seacrest, she was safe on Wednesday nights elimination show.

As Seacrest delivered the good news to Magnus, she nodded her head in relief and slid back to the “safe” couch.

Fans feared that Magnus would be at least in the bottom three because the judges were not very impressed with her past two performances.

But America feels different.

A record nubmer of “Idol” fans, 34 million, voted this week and although it’s not known how many of those votes Magnus recieved she was in the top five anyway.

This week two contestants were eliminated (last week the judges saved Big Mike).

Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens were told it was the end of the road for them.

Although Magnus wasn’t sent home she showed an array of emotions for her fellow contestants that were sent home.

She cried tears of sadness for Garcia as he sang his final song of the show.

More tears followed for Stevens as she sang “Let it Be,” on the Idol stage.

Magnus is now in the top seven.

Will she go all the way?

At this stage we, at Irish Central, think this Cape Cod Irish American will go right to the top.

Watch this space!